Davis 24th at World 100 km Championships in Croatia

Jesse Davis, 36, of Indianapolis finished 24th at the recently completed IAU World 100 km Championships held in Sventi Martin na Muri, Croatia.  He completed the race in 7 hours 8 minutes and 20 seconds.  The race was run in extremely warm conditions, with tempertures reaching the mid 80s, over a 7.5 km loop. Davis was the second Team USA finisher trailing the fifth place finish by Geoffrey Burns of Michigan who ran 6:42:30.  Omine Chikara was the third, and final team scorer, for Team USA finishing 29th in a time of 7:14:51.  Team USA finished fourth in the team scoring running a combined time of 21:05:21. Japan won with a combined team time of 19:37:10.  They were followed by South Africa (20:33:49) and Germany (21:02:12).

Compete race results can be found here.