Falbo is Fantastic at 100 km Championships in Wisconsin

Traci Falbo, 44, of Charleston, Ind. ran to her first open national championship title at the USATF 100 km Championships held on April 9 in Madison, Wisconsin.  The championships were part of the Mad City 100K and were conducted on a 10 km loop on-and-near the campus of the University of Wisconsin.
Despite overcome severe stomach issues that forced her to make several trips to the woods and available port-a-johns, Falbo crossed the line as the first woman; running 8:27:10.  For most of the race she trailed a fast charging Cassie Scallon of Colorado who at 60 km was almost 11 minutes ahead of Falbo.  During the final 40 km Scallon also encountered intestinal issues and was also forced to stop several times.  Falbo took the lead at the 80 km mark although, since Scallon was in the rest room at the time, she did not actually realize she had taken over the lead.  She ran for nearly 19 km thinking she was still in second place.  With just under 1 km to go she finally learned that she was leading and crossed the line with a huge smile. Scallon held on to finish second running 9:12:50.

“Breaking the tape and knowing I had won and that I would make the team for Spain was absolutely surreal,” offered Falbo. “I had an enormous smile on my face.”
Falbo’s performance marked the first time she has won a USATF open national title. She was also crowned the women's master's 40-44 champion.    In 2015 she was the masters 40-44 national champion at the 100 km Trail Championships.  

Based on the win she also earned a spot on  Team USA for the IAU World 100 km Championships to be contested in Spain later in the year (the date is still not finalized but will be in late November or early December).

Read more about Falbo's experience at the 100 km championships on her blog.