GETTING TO KNOW......Jordan Kyle
Prior to the Olympic Trials we caught up with Jordan Kyle, 29,  of Indianapolis to learn more about his running, how he felt when he learned he had qualified for the Trials, and his life beyond running; including some fun facts on who he would most like to have lunch with, his role model, his favorite athlete, and something a bit unique about himself.  

Kyle graduated from Hamilton Southeastern High School in 2005 and the University of Colorado in 2008.  He qualified for the trials at the 2014 Monumental Half Marathon with a time of 1:04:58.

How did you start running:
​I started off swimming for a local neighborhood team in Fishers, IN.  While continuing to swim, I dabbled in several different sports ( basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey​) and realized that I was good at one aspect of all of them, running.  I officially began running in 7th grade and quite swimming in 8th grade before high school. 
Where did you qualify for the Trials:
​I ran 1:04:58 at the 2014 Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon, qualifying by the skin of my teeth (note: the qualifying time was 1:05:00).
Tell us about the point you realized you had  qualified for the Trials and how it felt:
​The weather on November 7, 2014 was cold, windy, and overcast.  I honestly didn't think I had a chance to qualify that day because the weather conditions were abysmal.  Fortunately the weather cooperated and I the lead pack got started decently quick.  I actually realized that I could qualify in the last 200 meters of the race when I saw the race clock at 1:04:30.
High School:
​Hamilton Southeastern (2005)​ 
High School Best Times:
1600m 4:24​ 
​3200m 9:15  
High School Highlights:
​Getting 5th in the Indiana High School State Meet in 2002 (Christian Wagner won the race in 8:55, Nef Aria was second in about 9:07)​.
​Getting 3rd in the 3200m my senior year (2005).  Unfortunately, I got outkicked by Bobby Moldovan in the last 50 meters.​
University of Colorado (2008) ​ 
College Best Times:
​3000m​:     8:08
​5000m:   13:54 
10,000m: 28:52​ 
College Highlights:
33rd at NCAA Cross Country Nationals (1st American Freshman) 
14th at NCAA Cross Country Nationals (Junior year)
12th place at NCAA Track & Field - 10,000m (Junior year) 
​The Indianapolis group I run with is called KP Army.​ 
Current Coach:
​Tony Houchin​ 
# of Olympic Trials:
​This is my first time qualifying.​ 
​I sold software sales for 3 years in Boulder, CO.  before returning to Indiana for law school. I am current in my final semester of law school at the Robert H. McKinney School of Law. ​ 
Something unique about you:
​I quite running for 3 years and only started back running when I started law school.​
Favorite Workout:
​Tempo run followed by mile repeats / a hard 2 mile on the track.​ 
Favorite Place to Train:
​Eagle Creek ​ 
Favorite Food:
​Just like every runner it's ice cream ... Actually, it's probably Mexican Food.  ... I eat a ton, so it changes ;)​ 
If you could have lunch with one person who would it be?
​Ok, I'm going to bend the rules on this one.  With the current political environment I find solace in the middle ground.  I would mediate a dinner between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I'm not sure how educational this would be, but it would be loads of fun to listen to. 
​My great grand-father.  He invented ​waterproof glue and the folding card table. 
Your Role Model:
​Elite Running is a sport that requires an incredible amount of uncompensated time.  Similarly situated professional athletes in basketball, football, hockey, or baseball would obtain 6 figure salaries to do what elite runners do.  My role models are runners who work full-time jobs, have a life, and balance both of those things while training. 
Goal at the Trials:
​Execute well through the first 13 miles.  This consists of taking my water and goos and making sure I'm relaxed going into the second half.  I have run one marathon before the trials and it went horrible bad.  I came through halfway in 1:08:20 and ended up running 2:28.  Needless to say it was a rough day.  My biggest goal is to compete all the way to the finish, while passing as many people as possible.
People you would like thank for molding you as a person and runner:
​-My parents for being my true role models and amazing human beings. 
-My girlfriend for being patient with me and always supportive.
-My sisters for keeping me honest. 
-My training partners for pushing me to my limits.

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