Indianapolis, IN

Grew Up:
Evansville, IN

Social Handles
Instagram - @calebjkerr  
Twitter - calebkerr


Purdue University, 2016 (BS Mechanical Engineering)

# of previous Marathon Trials?

How did you start running?
In 3rd grade my parents put me in a day camp that had a “track meet” at the end of the week with an “olympic march” and awards. I wasn’t the fastest kid in the camp but I only had to beat 3 kids in the 1600 to get a blue ribbon. I just wanted to be able to say I won the race... so I picked that. 

Where did you qualify for the Trials?
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 2018

Tell us about the point you realized you had qualified for the Trials and how it felt:
About 30 ft from the line I knew I had it. Honestly I was too tired to really think about it. It was extremely gratifying to look back on an accomplished goal in the marathon though. More than any other race, the marathon takes a whole season to prepare for and there are so many opportunities to mess it up or quit. I was very proud to execute one the way that I did. 

What High School did you graduate from and what year did you graduate?
Evansville North (2012)

What were your best high school times in track and best placings in cross country?
4:19 (1600m); 9:06 (3200m)
27th at State XC - don’t remind me

#1 High School highlight
Qualifying for the State Meet as a team for the first time since 1967 (in 2011)

What were your best college times in track and best placings in cross country?
8:13 (3000m) 14:18 (5000m)
40th place at Big Ten XC and NCAA regionals (again don’t remind me)

#1 College highlight
Meeting my wife Katie (also a member of the Purdue XC/Track team)

Current Coach?
My college teammate Matt Mcclintock


Process Engineer at Eli Lilly and Co.

Favorite Workout?
Long intervals with honest recovery. Something like: 3x3 miles with 1 mile rest @5:15/5:50

Favorite Place to Train?
Eagle Creek Park

Favorite Food?

If you could have dinner with one person who would it be with?
Gregg Popovich - My favorite basketball coach plus he has great taste in food

Goal at the Trials?
Top 25
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