Vergara Selected as February Athlete of the Month

Erin Vergara, 34, of Indianapolis has been named the USATF Indiana Athlete of the Month for February 2016.  

Vergara, 32, finished 19th at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon on February 13 in Los Angles.  Running in the hottest trials marathon in history Vergara ran 2:41:17 and was the first Indiana member to cross the line. 
Vergara’s post-race blog can be found below.

ERIN VERGARA - Post Olympic Trials Reflections 

On her race - I am ecstatic with my finish given the conditions and I do not deal well with hot racing conditions let alone taking on the marathon in such conditions. I have suffered heat exhaustion before so already am likely to be less able to handle the heat.  Originally I was hoping/dreaming for a top 10 finish; however the field this year was stacked more than previous Olympic trials so my goal became to race smart and see what would work out in the later stages as I knew several would struggle , including myself; however was confident that I would not resort to a DNF. Sure enough I did catch a few places along the way and managed to snag a top 20 position despite a 
more than challenging last 10k. 
Basically I had a plan and stuck to it with minor adjustments throughout the race as needed. I made a conscience effort to get down all my fluids from the start even if I didn't feel like drinking the entire solution. I carried 2 sponges with me with the plan of wetting them down with the neutral water available to each athlete at the given fluid stations but then didn't end up using them since there were also Ice towels handed out 2xeach lap. I slowed down a bit to make sure to grab a few and held on to them for a bit for each use to eventually sucking on them near the end as the cold fluid was a bit of relief as the heat continued to affect my fatigue level near the end stages.  I started to have severe cramping in my thighs and calves, some twinges that almost stopped me in my tracks but thankfully taking fluid during the early stages I believe allowed me to relatively race a strong last 10k compared to the field. Mentally it was a grind from the go as I felt cold chills within the first stages of the race.   I was hesitant to be aggressive until I could assess how I felt at 13 miles. I made an effort to push forward mile 16-20 and then sure enough the last 6 miles were a battle with cramping. I just looked forward to my fluids and had faith I would do whatever necessary to continue to move forward. 

On what lies ahead -   I can not imagine my life without running as it has been so instrumental in shaping the person I have become and building amazing friendships that I will have forever. Im not sure yet what the future holds but confident that whatever is ahead is more than I could hope for, just like this Olympic cycle ended with a top 20 finish and more importantly a husband who is regaining his health despite sacrificing for me along the way to achieve my goals. I (we) am so blessed.